Filter Technologies - Taoglas

Taoglas has leveraged our extensive RF experience and materials expertise to create a line of filter technology products optimized to meet the needs of wireless device designers.

We offer high pass, low pass, band pass, notch, and diplex filters manufactured using a range of filter technologies to meet most RF needs.

Our filters are typically designed as surface mount components, but many can be packaged for integration with external components.

The following filter technologies are available from Taoglas:

Ceramic Dielectric Filters (Discrete and Monoblock)
dimensions, which can be either strung together in series with coupling capacitors
(in the case of discrete ceramic dielectrics) or formed into a single block (in the
case of monoblock ceramic dielectrics).


  • 高功率处理能力
  • 良好的插入损耗
  • 可调边带滚降
  • 良好的阻带性能
  • 低最小订单量
  • Fast prototyping (discrete)
  • Low cost (monoblock)

Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) Filters
surface mount ceramic chip component.


  • 物理尺寸小
  • 低成本
  • 良好的插入损耗

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Filters
LC combinations.


  • 物理尺寸小
  • 最佳的边带滚降
  • 中等成本


Coaxial filters are inline cable filters placed directly on the end of the antenna port to eliminate or reduce radio interference problems. They use standard RP SMA connectors and are easily screwed onto this standard antenna SMA connector.


  • It reduces out of band noise entering the receiver.
  • It reduces the antenna transmissions of out of band noise affecting other circuitry.
  • Has better insertion loss and stop band performance than competing LTCC or lumped element filters, while also maintaining good rejection at band edges.
  • 无人机应用最佳

Taoglas在美国MWC上公布其新的RF滤波器部门 September 2017.

Custom filter solutions can be provided. Please don’t hesitate to 请联系我们的客户服务团队 了解更多信息。