2.92 to SMP (female) millimeter wave adapter

The diversity of applications in harsh environments such as high-speed communications, satellite communications, aerospace, and changing demands for higher frequency test systems are driving coaxial cable assemblies to new technical heights.

In order to be fully compatible with terminal equipment, the new series of connectors and adapters released by Taogos can be cross-matched with industry standard connectors, including SMA (female), SMP (female), 2.4 (female) ) and 2.92 (female) connectors. The new series of connectors and adapters support DC-40GHz frequencies and are rated at 50 ohms while exhibiting low VSWR and low RF leakage. The connectors are precision-machined from high-quality materials and have passed rigorous reliability tests to provide excellent reliability for the most demanding applications.

The frequency of the 2.92mm connector is up to 40GHz, and the male pin is shorter than the standard SMA connector, ensuring that the outer conductor of the male and female connectors is connected before the inner conductor. This ensures no excessive pin and receptacle wear and precise alignment of the interface, such as misalignment of SMA connectors, avoids mating pressure and ensures consistent performance. The 2.92mm connector also has thicker walls than standard SMA connectors. The 2.92mm adapter category also includes 2- or 4-hole flange mount, board vertical mount, and board edge mount configurations.

Typical Applications:
• 5G mmWave network and communications infrastructure
• High frequency, small cell wireless access points
• MIMO ultra-high speed outdoor backhaul fixed and mobile wireless access points
• Test and measurement instruments
• High speed, aviation, satellite communications, instrumentation and other harsh environment applications

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