Ceramic Chip Antenna Specifically Designed For IEEE 802.11p / DSRC Applications

The Taoglas CA.51 5850-5925 MHz is a ceramic chip antenna specifically designed for IEEE 802.11p / DSRC / C-V2X applications. It is a high-efficiency miniature SMT ceramic antenna with a small footprint requirement. This ceramic chip antenna uses the main PCB as its ground plane, thereby increasing antenna efficiency and decreasing the assembly cost. It is tuned for different PCB sizes by simply changing the value of the matching circuit. At 1.6mm*0.8mm*0.3mm, it is one of the smallest antennas available worldwide. This antenna is delivered on tape and reel.

  • IEEE 802.11p (WAVE- Wireless Access in the Vehicular Environment)
  • DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) systems for V2V / V2I / V2X